Tony Stark is Iron Man

Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, the list goes on.

Superhero movies and comics are a great way for me to unwind. They’re fun, action packed, feature good looking men, and are usually pretty humorous. I’ve always been more a Marvel comics fan than DC. Marvel’s characters are just a bit more intriguing to me. I only recently realized that I might like Marvel heroes better because of their disdain for secret identities.

Iron Man

Iron Man does an excellent job flaunting his status. This is made unequivocally clear in the first Iron Man movie, when Tony Stark announces to the press that he is Iron Man. Tony Stark and Iron Man, much like most of the Marvel heroes, are interchangeable names. There’s no hiding behind a contrived identity, only one of which is the “real” identity. The fundamentals of each character permeate through their super selves. With or without Spidey’s spandex, Peter Parker is a nerdy, sarcastic, photographer, with an aptitude for teenager shenanigans. Steve Rogers is still a moral, strong, heroic, and upstanding guy without the Captain America suit. Admittedly Bruce Banner’s personality isn’t very apparent in the Hulk, but like Captain America, his experiments wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the astute public.

OK, you get the idea. What makes this all so much more intriguing for me than Superman vs Clark Kent, is that Marvel doesn’t depend on a cast full of idiots for this universe laden with superheros to work. Sure there are characters who figure things out in the DC universe, but isn’t it so much more fun when everybody has the capability to know who the heroes are? I feel like it allows each character to harbor a little less angst about isolation and concealment.Tony Stark is Iron Man

Since they’re not actively trying to hide themselves, all these heroes can move past that and have a little more depth and growth as a character. Maybe I’m reading too much into all this, and maybe I’m giving too much credit to Stan Lee, but I like the idea of fabricated universises that aren’t populated with simpletons. What are your thoughts on secret identities and superhero fandoms?

Below you’ll find a link to my Iron Man amigurumi pattern. His goatee is totally want makes him the cutest. If I’m being upfront, I’m not overly fond of the helmet part of the pattern. It might be my above opinions about hidden identities, but it’s probably just that he just looks cuter without it. I hope you enjoy it and have fun creating your own mini Tony Stark. Amigurumi Iron Man Pattern

I also wanted to share a picture of the Hulk doll I made! He’s just too cute with the little fists, toes, and purple shorts. Unfortunately I don’t have a pattern available for him, so we’ll just have to admire this beauty shot.

The HulkThanks for reading. See you next week!

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4 thoughts on “Tony Stark is Iron Man

  1. Those are both absolutely adorable! 😀 I agree, I like how the Marvel superheroes don’t really keep their true identities secret.

  2. Listya on said:

    Where’s the link to the pattern? Couldnt find it

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