One Project, Two Projects, Three Projects, Four


Garter Stitch Cowl Scarf My name is Savvy and I have ADCD (Attention Deficit Craft Disorder). Does anyone else have a problem with project focus? I’m pretty sure I have never once started and completed a single project without first starting another five in the process. Currently I am knitting a cowl scarf, knitting a steering wheel cover, crocheting a number of amigurumi, writing patterns for new amigurumi creations, and drawing up plans for several more amigurumi. I just finished designing a poster for a summer English camp. Since I am the art instructor for the camp, I have been spending time coming up with activity ideas and gathering supplies to try them out. Also I’ve recently become much more invested in healthy cooking. Maybe it doesn’t count as another project, but I do get distracted for hours saving recipes.

Monsters University Hat

I’m not sure if I work this way because I get bored from working on individual projects, or if it’s simply easier for me to start working on them instead of writing down the idea and hoping I understand it later. Most likely it’s a combination of the two. I’ve been known to leave a project unfinished for months, work on several more in the mean time, until finally I want to work on it again. The last few months have been really creatively interesting for me. I got a huge burst of creativity and was inspired to start a ridiculous number of projects, mostly amigurumi. What’s new though is this time I’ve been almost consistently inspired and coming up with new projects for nearly two months!

Amigurumi Doll Slippers

Lately I find myself wishing I had Hermione’s time turner. Then I could work through the night on all my projects and repeat a few hours to sleep. Most weeknights and weekends are mini battles between projects and things I actually need to do. It’s deciding between knitting, cleaning, crocheting, reading, cooking, showering, grocery shopping, and hanging out with friends. In the end whatever seems most pressing usually wins.

Quinoa Salad

My dad always told me that the hardest part of life was having to decide between two or more good choices. In my limited experience that’s 100% true. My inability to stick to one thing extends past the crafting world. I admire people who knew what they wanted to be from a young age. At some point I know I’ll have to actually choose something so I can work towards that goal, but since I have so many interests I keep trying to find a solution that will let me do a little bit of everything I love.


No matter how many inspiring speeches and quotes I hear, I still am no closer to my next move. Quotes about pursuing your dreams really only help when you have just one clear passion you’ve been too afraid to jump into. True to my spirit animal, the jellyfish, I’m more about going with the flow and seeing where it takes me. For now I’m enjoying living in Japan and the freedom to work on whatever side projects strike my fancy. Hopefully one of the projects pictured above will be complete soon so I can show you!


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10 thoughts on “One Project, Two Projects, Three Projects, Four

  1. Ooh, I definitely have this problem, at least with writing. I’m currently on chapter three in a novel I’m writing, working on a series of short stories to post on my blog, along with a five book series that I’m working on developing/plotting, and still, half-unfortunately, coming up with more storyideas. So I definitely know how you’re feeling. Along with normal life things. And I don’t know what I want to be “when I grow up” either. I definitely feel you. 😉

  2. I love that you said your spirit animal is a jelly fish! I need to go on a vision quest and discover my spirit animal, but first I have to finish my projects. I am the quintessential multi-tasker. I always have 2-3 knitting projects, 1-2 crochet projects and 4-5 sewing projects happening at the same time.

    Variety is the spice of life!

  3. machinegunmama on said:

    Yep, I got that bad. I’ve been working really hard on finishing what I start in all aspects of life. I think distraction is everyone’s middle name in the overly stimulating world today!

    • Definitely. Even reading articles online I constantly get distracted by the pictures and headlines off to the side. ><
      Thanks for your comment!

      • machinegunmama on said:

        You inspired me to live a little and start a new project ( a tiny one) before my other one was done lol. I think demanding myself to finish one before another was hindering my creativity! 🙂

      • Haha yay! I agree, the more projects I have the more creative I am, but the harder it is to focus. 😉

      • machinegunmama on said:

        I’m pretty sure focus is a quality that I don’t posess 🙂

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